House 1

In house 1 you will find the reception and dining room. There is also a restaurant with lunch and dinner servings.

House 1 has 7 Double rooms and 3 Single rooms.

House 2

In house 2 there are 18 rooms, a kitchen and TV-rom and also a nice, big terass towards the inner garden.

House 3 & 4

In house 3 & 4 there are 8 apartments and a laundry room.


House 5 & 6

In house 5 & 6 there are 8 apartments and a gym.

House 7

House 8

House 9

House 7, 8 & 9 all have apartments of different size for group bookings and is also available for longer stays with us! Please contact us for more information.


The new Garage at Land-inn!



Mekonomen car repair is in the area and would love to help you if your car needs service!